Within Teamwork CRM, an opportunity is considered to be a lead with a strong chance of acquiring.

Leads and opportunities are treated independently of one another, and in order for a lead to become an opportunity it needs to be qualified.

It is up to you to decide what is considered to be an opportunity for your company.

Each time a new opportunity is identified by a sales representative, it can be added to the Opportunities area of your site.

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You can choose the stages an opportunity has to go through before being closed as either lost or won. The stages can be customized for each different opportunities pipeline you create. 

For example, you may want opportunities for certain products or services to go through stages that aren't necessary for others.

For each opportunity, you can create different activities to track your interactions with the point of contact, such as phone calls or email correspondence. 

Opportunities in your pipelines can be marked as won, lost, or disqualified.
  • Won
    • If a sale is won, a contact has agreed to the sale and will go ahead with the purchase. 
    • Marking the opportunity as won will remove the sale from the pipeline.
  • Lost
    • A sale is usually lost when the person you are in contact with specifically says they are no longer interested and asks for contact to be dropped.
    • Marking the opportunity as lost will remove the it from the pipeline, and all potential value of the sale will also be removed.
  • Disqualified
    • Disqualifying an opportunity means reverting it back to a lead to re-enter the sales process.
For more information, see: Adding an Opportunity