Within Teamwork Spaces, you can quickly add new items from anywhere in your site using the quick add menu.

To access the quick add menu options, select the + button in the top right of your navigation bar.

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Creating a space

Select Create a space from the quick add menu to add a new space to your site.

In the Create a space modal, you can customize:

  • Space title
  • Select a color theme and icon
  • Set it as a private space 
  • Advanced: Update the page slug
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Adding a page

While viewing an individual space, you will see an additional option in the quick add menu to add a page.

When you click Add page, a modal will open allowing you to set a page name and where in the current space it should be placed. you can either nest it under an existing page or set it as a top level page.

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The Advanced section shows the slug for the page, which you can customize.

Adding a user

Select Add User from the quick add menu to add a new user to your site. You can then set a first name, second name, and email address.

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Note: Only administrators can add new users to your site.

Importing from Confluence

You can also import your existing content from Confluence into new spaces via the quick add menu.

Select Import from Confluence to browse and upload a Confluence HTML export file.

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For more information, see: Teamwork Spaces Navigation Bar