Within Teamwork Projects, If you have been invited to collaborate on more than one Teamwork Projects site, you can use the Sites menu to switch easily between them.

Note: The sites have to be hosted in the same region - US hosted to US hosted only or EU hosted to EU hosted only (An EU hosted site will have the following prefix in the URL "sitename.eu.teamwork.com")

Linking your Teamwork accounts

Click on your profile icon in the top right corner of your site, and select Edit My Details from the dropdown menu.

In your profile details modal, select the Account tab.

Choose the Link Teamwork accounts option.

You will see any other sites you've been invited to listed automatically. Click the link button next to the site you want to link, and enter your password for the other sites when prompted.
  • You will see the icon next to each site turn green when it's successfully linked
If you log in on another site using a different email address, choose the Find accounts with a different email option to find and link those

Click Finished and then save details to go back to the main screen.

If you don't see the sites menu in the top right of your screen, refresh your browser.

Switching between accounts

Once you have linked your Teamwork Projects sites, you will be able to switch between them at any time.

When logged in to one of the accounts, click your profile icon in the top right corner and hover over the Switch Accounts option. 

You will then see a list of any other accounts you have linked, as well as the option to link more accounts. Just click on the site you want to switch to.

Note: If you are a site administrator in the owner company of both sites, you can also copy or move items between sites once you've set this up.