Within Teamwork.com, you can use the My work list view for an overview of your tasks, milestones, and events in one place.

From the Home area, select the My work tab from the main navigation menu. 

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You can use the view switches in the top right to change between list and table view.

Note: The List view option and corresponding customization settings cog are only available to some Teamwork.com accounts.

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In the top right of the My work area, you can view quick status counts of your tasks and milestones based on what is late, due today, or upcoming. These status counts are visible across all subsections of the Home area.

Use the dropdown on the left to toggle between tasks and milestones. The counts update automatically.

  • The Upcoming count for My tasks includes tasks with a future start date or with a due date within the next 14 days. They must not have a start date of today or in the past — those tasks are listed in the Today section in the main tasks view.
  • The Upcoming section in the main tasks view shows your tasks that have any due date in the future.

At the top of the My work list view, you will see a task section showing any of your tasks that fall entirely or partially on the current day. Your tasks will be grouped based on their associated dates (no start date, upcoming, started).

  • Upcoming includes items that are due within the next 14 days.

You can use the sort options in the top right of the Tasks section to change how your tasks are sorted. Options include date, project, and priority.

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In addition to your tasks, you can also view milestones and events in the My work list view.

  • The Milestones section will show any milestones you are responsible for that are due on the current day. You will also see any overdue milestones.
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  • Any events you are scheduled to attend that fall on the current day will be show in the Events section. Events scheduled for prior to the current time will be crossed out as having already occurred.
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Customizing list view

Click the filters button (Image Placeholder) at the top of the view to access additional settings where you can customize which items are shown.

A quick view panel will open on the right with the task, milestone, and event options.

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Options include:

  • Tasks
    • Display your own or include tasks for your company and teams.
    • Refine which tasks are shown based on date, project, priority, or tag.
  • Milestones
    • Include or exclude late or upcoming milestones.
    • Include or exclude milestones for your company or teams.
  • Events
    • Only show events I'm attending

You can also use the toggles to the left of each item type heading to hide that item type completely from the list view.

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Additional options

Using the search field at the top of the list view, you can search for tasks based on assignee or task name.

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You can quickly add new tasks, milestones, and events via the Add button.

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You will also see an option in the top right to access your personal tasks which are private to you and not associated with any project.

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For more information, see: Personal Tasks