Within Teamwork, you can create a personal to-do list of tasks that are not directly associated with any project.

Your Personal Tasks panel will be accessible to you at the top of the Tasks tab of your profile.

Note: Your personal tasks are only visible to you. They will not be visible when someone uses the impersonate feature.

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It is also possible to access your personal tasks in the My Work section of the Home area.

Keyboard shortcuts can also be used to open your personal tasks from anywhere in your Teamwork site.

shift + p
shift + p

Using the shortcut will open a pop up window listing any existing personal tasks as well as the option to create new personal tasks. You can also access the same options as in the Personal Tasks area of your profile or My Work areas.

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Creating personal tasks

To add a new personal task in either type your task title in the What needs to be done field. Press Enter / Return on your keyboard to create the task. The task will also save if you click your cursor away from the Personal Tasks area.

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You can use shortcodes to set a due date or priority level for an individual task:

  • Due date - access date options by typing [ after the task title.
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  • Priority - access priority options by typing ! after the task title.
    • ! - low priority
    • !! - medium priority
    • !!! - high priority
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Click the three dots to the right of an existing personal task to access additional task options. These include:

  • Move to project - move the task to a project on your site.
  • Delete - delete the task completely.

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Completing personal tasks

Once a task is created, you will see a checkmark icon to the left of the task title. Clicking this will mark the task as complete.

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Once a task has been completed, you can clear the individual task via the task options menu (three dots) to the right of the task.

To clear all completed tasks from view, click the options button (three dots) at the top of the Personal Tasks panel and select Clear completed tasks.

Note: Closing the Personal Tasks modal or refreshing the page will automatically clear completed tasks. Clearing completed tasks cannot be undone.

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Reordering personal tasks

To change the order in which your personal tasks appear, hover over a task to reveal the drag icon (vertical dots) to the left of the task. Click and drag the task to its new position.

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Moving a personal task to a project

To move a personal task to a project on your site, click the three dots to the right of the task and select Move to project.

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In the Move Task modal, you can select a destination project and task list.

Note: You can only move personal tasks to projects where you are a member. Site administrators can move tasks to any project.

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For more information, see: Viewing All Your Items in Your Profile