Within Teamwork Projects, the archived projects tab shows you a list of all your archived projects.

Archived projects are read only. You cannot make any changes to them. You can, however, open the project and export reports from these archived projects.

To view all your archived projects, select the Projects tab at the top of your site. From there, select the Archived tab.

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You can use the sort dropdown in the top right to sort the list of projects by company name, latest activity, due date, project name, owner company, or date created. Use the arrow to the right of the sort options to reverse the sort order.

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You can use the advanced filters pane on the right hand side to filter by:

  • Keyword
  • Tags
  • Company
  • Show starred projects only
You can set an archived project active again at any time, by using the options menu (three dots) to the left of the project name, select Manage Project and choose Set Active.

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For more information, see: Archiving a project