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Google Drive is a file storage platform that enables you to store, share and collaborate on files and folders.

Within Teamwork.com, you can specify what level of access you want on files linked from your Google Drive account.

Note: An owner company site administrator will first need to enable the Google Drive integration at site level and project level before project members can use the integration.

When you are linking in a file from your connected Drive to one of your projects, you will be able to set the access in the file options modal.

Go to the Files tab of your project and click the Google Drive option in the top right.

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Use the checkboxes to select the relevant file(s) and click the Link-in Selected Files button at the bottom.

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Google Drive File Options modal will open where you can manage access rights via the Access tab.

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Google Drive file access options

  • Can view this document - restrict users on your Teamwork.com account with access to this section only View access to this file. They will not be able to make changes.
  • Can edit this document - grant users on your Teamwork.com account with access to this section to be able to make any changes they want to the file you link.
  • I'll manage the access rights from within Google Drive - Google Drive has its own sharing permissions that can be applied from the shareable link section. When you share a file within Google Drive, you can choose what they can do with it.
    • Edit: People can make changes, accept or reject suggestions, and share the file with others.
    • Comment: People can make comments and suggestions, but can’t change or share the file with others.
    • View: People can view, but can’t change or share the file with others.
From within files on Google Drive, you can set custom Sharing permissions also. You can have a list of people who you may want to allow edit access specifically. This can be done at a file level or folder level on Google Drive to allow you to really customize your sharing permissions.

Note: Regardless of the setting you choose, the site owner will always be able to make changes to linked files. As the site owner, you can also make changes to linked files while impersonating a user even though that user may not have permission to edit the file.

1. Also available on legacy subscriptions: Pro, Premium, Enterprise.