Within Teamwork.com, you can reply to task notification emails with a command to interact with the task without having to log in to your site.

Note: The ability to interact with existing tasks via email is dependent on your project permissions for adding and editing tasks.

Any project members with the project permission to Add Tasks can interact with tasks via email. 

Completing or reopening a task

  • To complete a task, reply to active task notifications with one of the following:
    • #Complete
    • #Completed
    • #Done
  • To reopen a completed task, reply to completed task notifications with one of the following:
    • #Uncomplete
    • #Reopen
    • #Open
    • #Notdone
    • #Reopened

You can also add a command and a comment at the same time. The command is processed to follow the action, and the text is added as a comment.

Reassigning tasks

  • Send #reassign @user or #assign @user as part of the reply
    • You can send multiple users @dan @peter @sam

Logging time on a task

You can also reply to notification emails to log time on a task or project.

  • If the notification email you reply to relates to a task or a comment on a task, the time will be logged against that task.
  • If the notification email does not relate in any way to a task, the time will be logged against the project.

Send [time] as part of the reply, for example:

  • [1h]
  • [1m]
  • [1h 25m]
  • [1.5]
  • [1:30]

Billable default settings will not be applied when time is logged via email. The time will be logged as non-billable unless you specify billable in the email.

To mark the time entry as billable, add #billable on a new line of the reply.

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Add any text in {} for a time log description e.g: {This is the description for the timelog}. This is an optional extra.

Preventing your signature from being posted

You can add #end after your email content so your signature is not included (make sure this is on a separate line from your content).
Even without #end, if your signature has images, Teamwork.com will remove the images once our system can see that they are used repeatedly.

You could add #end as 1px white text and space it one row above your normal email signature so no one can see it on normal emails. Teamwork.com will still recognize the start of your signature.

Following or unfollowing comments

To follow only comments on a task, reply with either #commentsonly, #followcomments or #onlyfollowcomments.

Reply to an email with #unfollow in the body and you'll be removed as a follower from that item.

Ignoring auto-responder replies

If you have an auto-reply enabled, it will automatically be ignored and won't be posted as a comment on the task.

For more information, see: Completing and Reopening Tasks via Email