Within Teamwork Projects, you can complete and reopen tasks at any stage via email.

When you receive a notification email from a Teamwork Projects task, you can reply to the email with a command to mark the task as complete.

If a notification you receive is for a task that has been completed, you can reply with an email command to re-open the task.

These commands allow you to interact with your tasks without the need to log into your Teamwork account.


  • To Complete a task, reply to active task notifications with one of the following:
    • #Complete
    • #Completed
    • #Done
  • To Reopen a completed task, reply to completed task notifications with one of the following:
    • #Uncomplete
    • #Reopen
    • #Open
    • #Notdone
    • #Reopened
You can also add a command and a comment at the same time. The command is processed and the command text is removed with the remainder added as the comment.

For more information, see: Interacting with tasks via email