Within Teamwork, you can complete and reopen tasks via email.

When you receive a notification email for a Teamwork task, you can reply to the email with a command to mark the task as complete.

If a notification you receive is for a task that has been completed, you can reply with an email command to reopen the task.

These commands allow you to interact with your tasks without the need to log into your Teamwork account.


  • To Complete a task, reply to active task notifications with one of the following:
    • #Complete
    • #Completed
    • #Done
  • To Reopen a completed task, reply to completed task notifications with one of the following:
    • #Uncomplete
    • #Reopen
    • #Open
    • #Notdone
    • #Reopened
You can also add a command and a comment at the same time. The command is processed and the command text is removed with the remainder added as the comment.

For more information, see: Interacting with Tasks via Email