Within Teamwork.com, you can customize the layout and columns displayed in the tasks table view on your projects.

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The task title column will always be visible and remain locked to the left of the table view.

Customizing column options

Each of the other task properties is displayed in separate columns. You can choose which columns to display by clicking the plus icon to the right of the column headings.

This will open a dropdown where you can toggle on and off individual property columns.

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Hovering over More... at the bottom of the dropdown will open an expanded list of any remaining task properties including any existing task custom fields.

Note: Task custom fields are available on per-user Premium/Grow subscriptions and above.

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You can also use the Add field option in the columns menu to create a new project-specific custom field directly within the Table view.

Note: Only site administrators or users with permission to manage custom fields can create and manage custom fields.

Reordering columns

You can also drag and drop selected columns to reorder your view. Click and drag a column heading and drop it to a new position in the table.

Sharing default table views

Site administrators and project administrators have an additional option to apply a custom table view layout to all members of a project or project template.

When you start customizing your table view, you will see a banner at the top of the view with an option to save the shared view.

You can also click the plus icon in the top right to open the column options dropdown and toggle the Shared view option on or off.

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Turning on the shared view will automatically update table view for all other users on the project, applying the chosen columns and order of the saved view.

  • If an administrator makes further changes to the columns while the shared view is turned on, these will also be applied automatically.
  • If an administrator turns off the shared view, it will only be turned off for themselves. Any further changes they make will not be applied to other users until they turn on the shared view again.

If a non-admin user makes changes to the table while they have the shared view turned on, the shared view will automatically turn off and they will be given an option to return to the shared view via a banner.

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They can also return to the shared view by clicking the plus icon to open the column options menu and toggling the Shared view back on

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For more information, see: Using Table View for Tasks