Within Teamwork.com, you can reorder tasks on your project in table view.

Note: Only project members with permission to add task can reorder tasks in a project.

To reorder your tasks, go to the Table area of your project.

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Drag and drop

You can manually reorder parent tasks within individual task lists in the table.

Note: Subtasks cannot be manually reordered in table view.

When using the All Lists view, you will need to set the tasks to be grouped by task list in order to use the manual reordering option.

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Hover over the relevant task to reveal the drag icon to the left of the task title. Click and drag the task to a new position in the task list.

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You can also drag a parent task from one task list to another in the All Lists view.

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Note: Manual reordering is not supported while sorting is applied to table view. You will first need to clear sorting.

To clear your sort selection, hover over the actively sorted column (arrow indicator beside the column heading) and click the additional arrow option to the right. Select Clear sort from the dropdown menu.

Sorting tasks by task property

You can sort tasks by their associated task property columns.

Click the relevant column heading at the top of the table. Clicking the column heading multiple times will toggle the tasks between ascending and descending order based on that property.

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Note: When you sort by column in the All Lists view while tasks are grouped by task list, tasks will be reordered within their respective list.

Supported column sorting options include:

  • Task name
  • Assignee
  • Start/Due date
  • Priority
  • Created by
  • Completed by
  • Date created
  • Estimated time
  • Board column
  • Custom fields

To clear your sort selection, hover over the active column and click the additional arrow option, then select Clear sort from the dropdown menu.

For more information, see: Using Table View for Tasks