Within Teamwork.com, you can use the links area in each project to store and categorize links relating to your project as a resource for your team to build and use.

Each link can have a title, description and a tag as well as the URL itself. You can also use the links area to directly embed code when you have this available - such as a map or video.

You can view and add links to your project within the Links tab.

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Each link has a variety of options:

  • Move or copy - move the task list to another project, or make a copy of it.
  • Edit - update the link title, url, description, privacy, category, tag.
  • Delete - delete the link.
  • Add tag - add a tag to the link.
  • Quick view - open a quick view to see the link details.
  • Add comment - add a comment to the link.

You will also see the name of the user who added the link, along with the time and date it was added.

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You can add new links to your project using the Add a Link button in the top right corner.

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For more information, see: Viewing Links Across All Projects