Within Teamwork.com, you can you can add links to your projects via email.

Note: Any project members with the project permission to Add Links can use the post via email feature.

To access the email address for posting links to the project, go to the Links area of your project.

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Click the options button (three dots) in the top right and select Post a Link via Email from the dropdown menu.

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In the post via email modal, click the Copy button to the right of the email address to copy the address to your clipboard.

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Posting a link to a project via email

To post a link, compose a new email in your personal email account and use the copied link address as the recipient.

  • The title of the link goes in the subject line, and the link URL in the body to create a link in the project.
  • You can also include [#categoryname] in the subject line to choose or create a new category for the link.
  • You can append private+ to the email address to make the links private.