Within Teamwork, you can set a fee-based financial budget for your project.

Note: Financial budgets are available on per-user Premium/Grow subscription plans with a limit of 30 active budgets per Teamwork site.

Project budgets will only be accessible when the Time feature is enabled for a project.

Only project administrators and site administrators can create project budgets via the project settings area.

  • Standard users with permission to manage the project's budget can set a budget via the Dashboard Summary.
  • Collaborators cannot set or manage project budgets.

Creating a budget via the project settings

Go to the Settings area of your project and select the General subsection.

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Scroll to the Project Budget section and click the Add a budget option.

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If an existing budget is set, click the three dots in the top right and select Add New Budget from the dropdown.

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A pop-up modal will open where you can set the budget information.

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Click the Total field at the top of the budget modal and select Total fee from the dropdown.

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Start and end dates

Optionally, you can select the Add start and end dates option to choose when the budget should start or end.

Click either date field to choose a specific date from the calendar dropdown.

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Repeating budget

To set the budget to repeat, select the checkbox to the left of the repeat option and select the repeat interval from the dropdown.

When you choose the custom option, an additional modal will open allowing you to set the repeat as every x number of months, weeks, or days.

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Budget usage

You can set the basis for the budget to be associated with either:

  • Billable time - time logged that can be charged out to clients.
  • Non-billable time - time that cannot be expensed or billed out to clients.
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You can set up reminders for the budget to notify specific project members when a custom budget usage percentage is exceeded

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  • Select people - opens the people picker where you can choose project members, teams, or companies to notify.
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  • Notification type - set the notification to be sent via email or mobile push.
  • Budget usage - set a budget usage percentage, which once exceeded will trigger the notification to be sent to the selected user(s).

Once you have filled out the relevant details for your budget, click Create Budget to apply it to your project.

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The budget details will be displayed in the Project Budget section of your project settings.

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Note: Each project can only have one active project budget at a time.

Creating a budget via the project dashboard

You can also set a budget via the project's Dashboard Summary tab.

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Near the bottom of the Summary tab, you will see a Project Budget section. If there is no existing budget for the project, click the Add a budget option.

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If there is an existing budget, click the three dots at the top of the budget area and select Add New Budget from the dropdown.

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For more information, see: Viewing Project Budget Usage