Within Teamwork, you can manage and change the budget associated with each of your projects.

Project budgets will only be accessible when the Time feature is enabled for the project. 

Note: Project budgets are available on per-user Grow/Premium subscriptions and above. Financial budgets are limited to 30 active budgets per Teamwork site.

In the Finance area of your project, select the Budgets tab.

Note: Only site administrators, project administrators, and standard users with permission to manage a project's budget can update budgets.

In the Project Budget panel, you will see the details for the current budget. Hovering over points in the budget chart will show you the budget usage at each specific point.

If an existing budget's start date is in the future, it will not be displayed until that date has arrived.

Quick edit options

You can quickly update the existing budget's settings via inline edit options.

To update the budget total fee or time allowance, click the value field at the top of the budget panel and use the text field to update the total.

At the bottom of the budget panel, you can also adjust the start and end dates, repeat interval, and budget time basis.

Editing an existing budget

You can also open the budget in detailed edit mode by hovering over the budget type label at the top of the budget panel and clicking the edit pencil.

This will open the project budget modal where you can update all properties for the existing budget. Once you have made the relevant changes, click the Update button.

Additional budget options

To access additional budget options, click the three dots in the top right of the budget panel.

You can then choose to:

  • View upcoming budgets - view any already created budgets that have start dates in the future.
  • End current budget - archive the current budget.
    • Archived budgets will still be included in the budget history.
  • Add new budget - set a new time budget or financial budget for the project.
    • If the new budget's start date is in the future, the budget will be created as an upcoming budget.
    • If the new budget's start date overlaps with the current budget, you will be asked to adjust the end date of the current budget.
  • Delete - delete the existing budget from the project.

You can also manage your project budget and view the project budget history via the project's Dashboard tab.

Viewing historical budgets

When a budget is manually ended or its associated dates have passed, the budget will be moved to historical budgets. Click the View historical budgets button at the bottom of the Project budget panel to view past budgets.

A pop-up modal will open where you can select to view an historical budget from the left sidebar.

For more information, see: Setting a Project Budget