Within Teamwork.com, you can create companies to group individual users and projects on your site.

The owner company is automatically created when you initially set up your site. You can then add additional external companies at any time.

To view your companies, click the More option (three dots) in the main navigation menu on the left of your site and select People from the pop-out menu.

In the People area, go to the Companies subsection.

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Companies provide a way to group people together which you can then leverage in project item assignment as well as privacy, notify, and follower settings.

For each company in the list, you will see a count of each user type it contains. Client users will be indicated in aqua, while standard users are green, collaborators are purple, and contacts are blue.

Owner company

Standard users in the owner company can be granted all permissions up to administrator level on your site, while collaborators will have restricted permission levels.

Your owner company will be tagged with an Owner label.

External companies

You can use external companies as a way to manage clients and other people outside of your core business that may need to interact on a subset of projects.

At project level, standard users in external companies can be granted similar permissions to those in the owner company. The main difference is in the profile permissions they can be granted.

In addition to collaborators and standard users, you can also use the client user license type when adding users to external companies.

The purpose of client users is to enable you to bring clients into your projects where necessary, without incurring extra costs onto your subscription. Client users are similar to standard users but with a reduced set of permissions.

Note: A user can only occupy one company at any time. Client users cannot be part of the owner company.

For more information, see: Adding or Editing a Company