Within Teamwork, you can add a task burndown panel to your custom dashboards based on a specific task list.

Note: This feature is available on per-user Premium/Grow subscriptions and above.

In the Home area of your site, select the Dashboards tab from the horizontal navigation menu.

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When creating or editing a dashboard, you can choose Task list burndown from the panel type dropdown in the Panels tab.

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Once selected, you can customize how the burndown panel should be populated.

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Panel settings:

  • Name
  • Project
  • Task list - burndown panels are populated based on task lists so one must be selected.
  • Start date 
  • End date - set the final date you want all the work completed by:
    • Milestone linked to task list - based on the milestone attached to the task list.
    • Latest due date - based on the latest due date of a task in the task list.
    • Custom - pick a custom end date.
  • Burn rate - calculate the burn rate using:
    • Number of tasks completed.
    • Estimated and logged time.

Once the panel has been created, you will see a dotted line highlighting your ideal burnrate.

The blue line represents the current burnrate trajectory based on work completed so far. Hovering over the chart will show you the burn details for each point.

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When the actual burn line crosses over the ideal burn rate, this indicates that based on current work completion rate, things are off track for meeting the end date.

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Panel options

Click the options button (three dots) in the top right of the burndown panel and select Edit.

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In the edit modal, you can update the panel name and associated project and task list. You can also adjust the start date and target end date.

At the bottom of the modal, you can update how the burn rate is calculated.

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Additional panel options

For users on legacy Enterprise subscriptions, the panel properties are accessible in the Filters tab.

An additional Display tab allows you to customize how the panel is shown on your dashboard.

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You can also toggle the Show completed tasks option to include or exclude them from the burndown panel.

For more information, see: Working with Dashboards