✔  Available on all subscriptions

Within Teamwork.com, you can build custom dashboard views using different metrics based on certain projects and project items.

In the Home area, select the Dashboards tab from the horizontal navigation menu.

Note: The Dashboards section is not available to collaborators.

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When you first open the Dashboards area, it will be pre-populated with a personal dashboard showing you what is happening across all of your projects.

If you have a dashboard message set in your site settings, you will see it displayed at the top. This can be used for important links or announcements for your users, and will appear across all of your dashboards.

Note: The dashboard message is a site-level setting so any changes made will be reflected across individual dashboards for all users.

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In the top right, you have options to edit the personal dashboard or add a new dashboard view.

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You can create multiple dashboard views based on different metrics and projects on your site.

Adding a dashboard

When building a dashboard view, you can choose from the quick templates provided, or use the custom build option. You can give the dashboard a meaningful title, and choose a color for it.

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Quick template options:

  • Personal - a view with all of your active tasks, upcoming events, upcoming milestones and logged time
  • Starred - a view with counts for all tasks, milestones and time on your starred projects
  • Everything - a view including all possible options

Choosing the custom option enables you to select which metrics and projects, as well as the configuration you want for the dashboard:

  • Title & color - give your dashboard a name and choose a custom color for the dashboard
  • Panels - select which metrics you want to display in the dashboard.
    • Some metrics, such as task counts, also have an option to choose whether to include tasks assigned to you, everyone, or specific people.
  • Projects - customize the layout for your dashboard by choosing where to show the projects list.
    • You can also choose filters for your source projects the dashboard will be based on
  • Description - add a description for the dashboard (optional).
  • Share - share a view-only version of the dashboard with other users or teams on your site.

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Dashboard panels

When creating or customizing a dashboard, you can select different metrics panels to populate it.

Panel options:

  • Project health breakdown.
  • Latest project updates.
  • Task counts - assigned to you, everyone, or specific people.
  • Milestone counts - assigned to you, everyone, or specific people.
  • Upcoming milestones - assigned to you, everyone, or specific people.
  • Billable vs. non-billable time - time logged by you, everyone, or specific people.
  • Billed vs. unbilled time.
  • Upcoming events - events you, everyone, or specific people are attending.
  • Risk counts - compares and groups risks by their status.
  • Top risks - shows the biggest risks across your projects.
  • Project budgets
  • ✔  Available on paid subscriptions
  • ✔  Available on Deliver, Grow, and Scale subscriptions 1

Viewing a dashboard

Once created, you will see the name of the dashboard you are viewing, along with a note on what data is powering the view, at the top.

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The selected panels for your dashboard will be displayed alongside a list of the chosen source projects. Each panel can be reordered by dragging and dropping it to a new position.

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Each item in your metrics panels is clickable and will open a quick view listing the associated project items for that metric.

The associated projects can be viewed in list or grid view. You can switch between views using the dropdown at the top of the list.

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You can sort the projects by starred first, company name, latest activity, due date, project name, owner company, or date created. You can also switch between ascending and descending once you have applied a sort option.

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Each project in the list has a View details option to the right. This will show you the latest project update, if any is available.

You will see a timeline of activity on the project, along with today's and late tasks. There is also a percentage complete bar for the project's actual and estimated progress.

  • Each of these items is clickable and will open a quick view on the right displaying the corresponding tasks.
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You can access the project options menu for any project by hovering over the project name and clicking the three dots. You can then manage project settings or use the quick add section to add new project items.

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When viewing an individual dashboard, you can edit it via the Edit button in the top right.

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To make a copy of or delete the dashboard you are currently viewing, select the options (three dots) button in the top right.

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Switching between dashboard views

If you have multiple dashboards created, you can switch to another one by clicking Dashboards at the top of the view.

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This will bring you to an overview of all of your current dashboards, where you can select which one you want to view.

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In this overview, hovering over a dashboard will give you the options to edit, make a copy, or delete the dashboard.

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1. Also available on legacy subscriptions: Pro, Premium, Enterprise.