Within Teamwork, you can customize your dashboards by filtering the projects and metrics that are displayed.

In the Home area of your site, select the Dashboards tab from the horizontal navigation menu.

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To the top right of the current dashboard you are viewing, click Edit.

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Alternatively, in the main dashboards view, hover over the dashboard you want to customize. You can then click the arrow in the top right corner, and select Edit from the dropdown.

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In the edit modal, you can customize which metrics and projects power your dashboard, as well as update the title and description.

Dashboard panels

When creating or customizing a dashboard, you can use the Panels tab to select different metrics panels to populate it.

Panel options:

  • Task counts - assigned to you, everyone, or specific people.
  • Milestone counts - assigned to you, everyone, or specific people.
  • Billed vs. unbilled time - allows you to compare billed and unbilled time across multiple projects
  • Billable vs. non-billable time - time logged by you, everyone, or specific people.
  • Upcoming milestones - assigned to you, everyone, or specific people.
  • Upcoming events - events you, everyone, or specific people are attending.
  • Project updates
  • Project health
  • Top risks - shows the biggest risks across your projects
  • Risk counts - compares and groups risks by their status

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In the Projects tab, you can filter the source projects that will power the metrics panels in your dashboard.

Filter options:

  • Source projects - show a list of source projects for the dashboard
    • You can also choose where on the dashboard the list should be displayed
  • Project status
    • With the option to include archived projects
  • Project owner
    • With the option to include deleted users
  • Project health
  • Project tags
  • Company
  • Project category
  • Starred projects only

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For more information, see: Working with Dashboards