Within Teamwork, you can store, categorize, and tag links on a project.

To add a link, go to the Links tab of your project.

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Click Add a Link in the top right of the Links area.

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In the Add a New Link modal, you can add the link along with a title and description.

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Link options

  • Title: Create a name for the link. This will be displayed in the links area.

  • Link/HTML code: Add in your relevant code. This can be a URL, Flash code, iFrame src etc.

  • Description: Add a description for the link. This will be shown under the title.

  • Privacy:

    • Select who should be able to see the link

    • Choose whether to send an email notification to people about the new link.

  • Advanced:

    • Category: Choose from an existing category or add a new one directly using the Add Category link at the bottom of the dropdown.

    • Window width/height: Adjusts the space an embedded resource will display

  • Tags:  Add tags to your links. Select from existing or create new ones.

You can also add a link via the Add... option in the project's Overview tab.

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For more information, see: Setting Privacy on Links