Within Teamwork, you can store, categorize, and tag links on a project.

To add a link, go to the Links tab of your project.

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Click Add a Link in the top right of the Links area.

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In the Add a New Link modal, you can add the link along with a title and description.

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Link options

  • Title: Create a name for the link. This will be displayed in the links area.

  • Link/HTML code: Add in your relevant code. This can be a URL, Flash code, iFrame src etc.

  • Description: Add a description for the link. This will be shown under the title.

  • Privacy:

    • Select who should be able to see the link

    • Choose whether to send an email notification to people about the new link.

  • Advanced:

    • Category: Choose from an existing category or add a new one directly using the Add Category link at the bottom of the dropdown.

    • Window width/height: Adjusts the space an embedded resource will display

  • Tags:  Add tags to your links. Select from existing or create new ones.

You can also add a link via the project options menu. Hover beside the project name to reveal the options button. Click the three dots and select the Add Link option within the Quick Add section.

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For more information, see: Setting Privacy on Links