Within Teamwork, you can view and manage existing intake forms on your projects.

Note: Intake forms are available on per-user Pro/Deliver subscriptions and above.

Forms can be enabled or disabled by a project or site administrator via the project's feature settings.

The ability to view, manage, and create forms on a project is dependent on your project permissions.

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In the Forms area, you will see a list of any existing forms created for the project.

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Customizing columns

By default, the forms list will display the following form details:

  • Title - clickable link to view the form in the forms editor.
  • Response task list - name of the task list associated with the form.
    • If the form is associated with a specific task list, the task list title will be a clickable link.
  • Total responses
  • Accepting responses - whether the form is currently active.
  • Date updated

You can customize which of these columns are shown by clicking the column option to the right of the headings. Use the toggles to show or hide the relevant columns.

Note: The form title column will always be visible and cannot be toggled off in the column view settings.

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Form options

Click the three dots to the right of a form row to access additional options for the form.

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More options:

  • View published form
    • Note: Users with only permission to view forms will only have access to this option if the form is published.
  • Users with permission to add forms will see additional options to:


The search field in the top right of the forms list allows you to search through your existing project forms based on form title.

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Using the Sort by dropdown in the top right of the forms list, you can switch your view to sort the forms based on the different form properties.

Note: By default, the forms list will be sorted in descending order by date updated.

Once you select a sort option, you can toggle between ascending and descending order.

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You can also quickly sort the forms list by clicking one of the form property headings. Clicking a heading multiple times will toggle the sort between ascending and descending based on that property.

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For more information, see: Creating Intake Forms on Your Projects