Within Teamwork.com, you can copy any of your existing archived projects on your site.

Select the Projects option from the main navigation menu on the left of your site and go to the List subsection.

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In the projects List view, click the project status field and select Archived from the dropdown menu.

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Hover over the relevant project and click the options button (three dots) on the right. In the project options menu, select the Copy option.

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In the first step of the Copy Project modal, select Copy from the operation dropdown. By default, the selected target site will be the current site. If you have set up a link to other sites in your profile and you are a site administrator on both, you can also choose to copy the project to one of those sites.

You can also update the project name which will have the copy date appended by default. Optional extras here include assigning the project to a company and changing the project description.

Click Next step to proceed.

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Note: When you select a linked site to copy to, the company option will be hidden and the project will be associated with the linked site's owner company.

In the second step, you can specify which items to carry over to the copied project.

Date offset

Choose how the dates from the original project should be set up in the new copied project by setting a number off days to offset by or using the Choose date option to set a specific date.

  • If your original project has a start date, that will be taken as day 0 for the copied project.
    • If no project start date is set on the original project, the start date of the earliest task is used as the default offset value.
    • If there is no project start date or task start dates on the original project, the current date (today) will be used.
  • The new dates can be calculated with the following options:
    • Shift all tasks and milestones by the same number of days.
    • Don't include Saturdays and Sundays when calculating new dates.
    • Calculate new due dates but keep tasks and milestones off weekends.
  • You can use the Preview dates option to see the effect of any settings chosen here, before making the copy.

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In the Include section, you can choose which project items to copy by selecting the checkboxes next to each content type.

You will only be able to choose item types that already exist on the project.


  • Only the first instance of a repeating task will be copied when copying a project. Any other tasks in the series will not be copied. 
  • Project updates are not carried over from the original project to the copied project.

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Additional options include:

  • Make me the creator of tasks, milestones, and copied messages.
  • Uncomplete all tasks and milestones.
  • Create activity in the new project.

Click Save to create the new project. The project will be added as an active project in the selected site.

Note: You will only be able to copy a project if you have not met the active projects limit for your Teamwork.com subscription plan.

For more information, see: Viewing All Archived Projects