Within Teamwork.com, you can bulk set a user's project permissions across all of their projects.

Select the More option from the main navigation menu and choose People from the pop-out menu.

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In the People subsection of the People area, click the name of the user you want to update to view their profile.

While viewing the user's profile, click the three dots in the upper right corner of the screen and choose Bulk Set Permissions from the dropdown menu.

Note: It is not possible to bulk set project permissions for site administrators.

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In the project permissions modal, you can select a specific project permission from the dropdown. Once highlighted, click the Add button.

You will then be able to use the toggle to the right of the permission to set whether it should be enabled or disabled on all of the user's projects. Some permissions will have additional permissions nested below them. Click the arrow to the left of the permission to expand and view the additional options.

Note: The bulk permissions modal will always have all options toggled off by default. It is not intended to retain previous bulk selections as they may vary across the selected user's projects.

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You can select and add multiple permissions from the dropdown and adjust each of them before saving the changes.

Click the Modify Permissions button to save your changes.

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While editing a user's permissions on an individual project, there is also an option to copy the permissions from that project to other projects.

Note: If you select projects where the user is not already a member, they will automatically be added and the copied permissions will be applied.

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For more information, see: Setting User Permissions on a Project