✔  Tags are available on all subscriptions
✔  Project specific tags are available on Grow and Scale subscriptions 1

Within Teamwork.com, tags are a way to mark items so that you can use a filter to see just those items.

You can choose specific colors for each tag to help identify certain items with those tags, like adding a tag in red to show it's important.

Tags can be added to projects, tasks, milestones, messages, time logs, notebooks, files and links. Each individual project item can contain up to 20 tags.


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You can also run searches for tags in the search bar using #tagname.

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You can also search for multiple tags on an item by entering them in the search field as #Tag1 #Tag2 etc.

If a tag is made up of multiple words and has spaces in it, you need to enter the text in square brackets after the hashtag, for it to be returned. 

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Tag limitations

  • Each tag name can contain up to 50 characters.
  • Each project item can contain up to 20 individual tags.
  • Collaborators cannot create tags or add tags to projects and project items.
  • The creation of new tags may be unavailable depending on your site settings.
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  • HubSpot is a special tag reserved for the Teamwork.com HubSpot integration. Therefore, "HubSpot" cannot be set as the name of any tags created by users on your site.

1. Also available on legacy subscriptions: Premium, Enterprise.