Within Teamwork Desk, you can see delivery updates for tickets to see whether a customer is receiving your replies.

When you are viewing an individual ticket, you will see a timestamp to the right of the agent's reply to the customer. Below the agent's reply, the delivery status will be shown.

When a reply has been delivered successfully, you will see a Sent successfully checkmark.

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Once a ticket has been read by the recipient, the sent status will be updated to viewed status. This will include the recipient's name and date the ticket was opened. 

Delivery failures

If there was an issue in delivering a message to the recipient, there will instead be an error message below the reply. You can click Show error to view details of why the reply did not send successfully.

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You can also track delivery issues across your site via the notification bell by clicking the error icon in the top right of the notifications dropdown.

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This will open a delivery notifications area where you can track any issues with ticket delivery across your inboxes.

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The delivery notifications log will show all threads that have a reply that failed across any of the inboxes you have access to:

  • Thread - Click the subject line to open the ticket preview.

  • Delivery status

    • Pending - the message is in the process of being delivered.

    • Failed - the message has failed to deliver. See the failure reason for extra information.

  • Failure reason - hover over the reason to view the full details.

  • Failure count - a failed message will try to redeliver up to 4 times automatically. This count shows how many attempts have been made to date.

  • Retry - this option will only be available if the send status is failed.

Using the advanced filters pane, you can filter the delivery notifications by status or by tickets created by only you or everyone.

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If you are experiencing issues with replies being delivered, please contact us at support@teamwork.com.

Note: There is a 20MB attachment limit when sending replies in Teamwork Desk. If your attachment are above this, you will be alerted in the bottom right of your Desk account that the message has not been sent.

For more information, see: Teamwork Desk Email Sending Issues