Within Teamwork Desk, you can schedule new tickets and replies to existing tickets be sent at a specific point in time.

Note: Scheduled replies are available on Premium subscriptions and above.


The ability to schedule tickets and replies will depend on each agent's permissions on your site.

  • Agents in training cannot schedule replies or new tickets.
  • Options to edit or cancel pending scheduled replies are only available to the creator of the scheduled reply and site administrators.
  • The ability to force send a scheduled reply is only available to the creator of the scheduled reply and site administrators.

Scheduling tickets

You can schedule responses to customers either as a new ticket or as a reply on an existing ticket.

When scheduling a response, you will be able to set:

  • Time zone on which the ticket or reply send date and time should be based.
  • New ticket status - choose a ticket status to be applied to the ticket when the scheduled reply is sent.
    • Note: This field is only visible in the scheduling modal for replies on existing tickets. Ticket status for new scheduled tickets can be set in the new ticket form.
  • Date and Time- select a future date and time at which to send the reply.
  • Internal note - add an internal note to be applied to the ticket to give other agents context as to the pending response.

Viewing and managing scheduled tickets

In the main Tickets area of your site, you can access pending scheduled tickets via the Scheduled subsection of the left navigation pane.

Clicking the Scheduled menu item will expand it to show separate subsections for scheduled tickets and replies. Select either option to view a list of the associated tickets.

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While viewing any list of tickets on your site, tickets with pending scheduled replies will display a clock icon to the right of the subject line. You can hover over this icon to see details of the scheduled reply.

For more information, see: Scheduling Tickets