Within Teamwork Desk, you can schedule new tickets and replies to existing tickets to be sent at a specific point in time.

Note: Scheduled tickets and replies are available on Premium subscriptions and above.

Scheduling a reply on an existing ticket

Once you have a response typed in the Reply editor on an existing ticket, click the arrow to the right of the Send Message button at the bottom of the editor. Select Schedule this reply from the ticket options dropdown.

Note: A ticket can only have one scheduled reply in place at a time.

Scheduling a new ticket

When creating a new ticket or message, you can schedule it to be created on a date in the future.

Once you have filled out the relevant ticket details in the new ticket form, click the arrow to the right of the Send Message button and select Schedule this ticket.

Scheduling options

In the Schedule your reply modal, you can choose the relevant scheduling details for the reply or new ticket.

These options include:

  • Time zone - select the time zone (city or general time zone (Central, Eastern, etc.) based) in which the recipient customer is located. The reply will be sent at the chosen date and time in that time zone.
  • New ticket status - choose a ticket status to be applied to the ticket when the scheduled reply is sent.
    • Note: This field is only visible in the scheduling modal for replies on existing tickets. Ticket status for new scheduled tickets can be set in the new ticket form.
  • Date - select a future date on which to send the reply.
    • Note: Replies can be scheduled up to one year in advance (based on both date and time).
  • Time - set the time of day for the reply. It will be sent at that time in the chosen time zone.
    • The time field is based on the agent's profile localization preferences. If set to 12-hour format, you can toggle between AM and PM. If set to 24-hour, you will only see the hours and minutes options.

  • Internal note - you can also add an internal note to be applied to the ticket to give other agents context as to the pending response.

At the bottom of the modal, you will see a summary of when exactly the reply will be delivered. Click Schedule send to complete the setup.

Once a ticket or reply has been scheduled, a banner will be added above the Reply editor in the ticket with the details of the upcoming reply.

Note: The date and time details of the scheduled reply will display in this banner based on the time zone of the agent viewing the ticket even if a different time zone was selected when scheduling the reply.

The pending reply will be displayed and pinned to the top of the Messages tab above any other replies, along with another banner with the schedule summary.

This banner also includes options to either edit or cancel the scheduled reply. You can also click the three dots in the top right of the reply and select Force send reply to send the response immediately.

Note: Options to edit, cancel or force send a scheduled reply are only available to the reply creator and site administrators.

If an internal note was entered when the scheduled reply was created, this will be shown as an accompanying note at the top of the reply. This note will only be visible internally to agents with access to the ticket.

For more information, see: Scheduled Tickets Overview