Within Teamwork Desk you can restore deleted tickets in your inboxes from the trash can. 

Note: Only administrators can access the trash can and restore tickets.

You can find the trash can by selecting the 'Tickets' option to the top of your Teamwork Desk page:

Within the left pane, to the bottom you will see the 'Trash' option:

When you select the trash option you can then view all deleted tickets in a similar way to how you would view one of your inboxes.

Note: Tickets that are deleted and moved to the trash can will be automatically deleted after 30 days.

When you select a deleted ticket, it will open in quick view as a read only version, meaning you will not be able to reply to the ticket, change its status or change who it is assigned to.

To restore a ticket, first select the ticket you wish to restore from the trash can,  and select the restore option to the top right of the quick view:

You can restore tickets in bulk by ticking the checkbox to the left of each ticket. You will then see a restore option in the top right corner:

Note: When a ticket is restored, it will return to its original inbox. If a user wishes to edit the ticket in any way, it will have to be restored first.

If a customer or inbox is deleted their tickets will not display within the trash can.

For more information see: Deleting tickets