The easier it is for a user to get an answer, then the better the user’s experience and everybody wins. That’s where Categories comes in to helps you organize all your support Docs in easy to find locations.

Adding New Categories / Editing Existing Categories
You can add new categories when creating a new doc, or clicking the settings cog wheel on the lower left and selecting Help Docs - Categories


To add a new category type your new category name and then select Add.


Edit an existing Category
To edit an existing Category, click the pencil icon to the right of the category name

This brings up the Edit Category box, where you can edit the Category Name to something else, you can chose to nest the category under another one (or make it a top level category)

You can also give the category a slug, which will make up the final part of the page URL. So if the slug is “passwords” then the page URL might be

Switching on, “On Homepage” will allow that category to be on the front page of your docs site.

Old URL: If moving from another system to Teamwork Desk, you can input the Old URL of a specific category (you can also do this for individual docs) and TeamworkDesk will automatically redirect them to the new version.