Within Teamwork Desk, you can trial certain features that are not available on your current subscription plan. 

Note: These feature trials are for a 30-day period, are limited to one trial use per site, and can only be enabled by site administrators. 


To enable reporting for a 30-day trial, select Reports from the navigation bar. 

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Depending on the current subscription status of your Teamwork Desk account, you will see one of two options:

  • Upgrade your account to a higher plan that includes the Reporting feature.

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Note: When non-administrator agents access the Reports area, they will be prompted to contact an administrator.

Time Tracking

To enable the Time Tacking feature for a 30-day trial, click your profile icon to the top right of the navigation bar and select Settings.

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In the Settings area, go to the Apps tab. 

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On the Time Tacking card, select Trial 30 days to begin using this feature.

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You can adjust the time tracking settings within your site settings area. It is also possible to log time to Teamwork from a ticket if you have Teamwork enabled

For more information, see: Teamwork Desk Feature Comparison