Within Teamwork Desk, you can subscribe to a paid plan via your site settings.

A full list of features and price comparison is available on our pricing page.

You can subscribe to Teamwork Desk at any point during your trial (ending your free trial in doing so). Once you have started a subscription, you can also change your subscription plan at any time.

Trial period

When you first sign up, you can use Teamwork Desk for a trial period of 30 days. During this period, no charges will be made no matter how many tickets you reply to or how many agents you have.

You can subscribe to a plan or end your trial at any point. Once your trial is over you will be given a few days to choose a plan and enter your credit card details.

To adjust your subscription plan or upgrade, click your profile icon in the top right of your site and choose Settings from the dropdown menu.

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In the settings area, go to the Subscription tab where you will see a Subscription Summary detailing your current subscription information including plan, billing period, agents, and Help Docs sites.

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Subscribing to a plan

To subscribe to a Teamwork Desk plan, click the Subscribe button at the bottom of your subscription summary.

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You will be brought to the checkout page where you can see your plan options and choose between monthly and annual billing.

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Click the blue Select or Current Plan button on the relevant plan to proceed to the team size selection and online payment process.

At the top of the next page, you can use the users dropdown on the left to set the number of users you want to be included in your subscription. You can also adjust the plan type and billing cycle. 

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In the order summary, you also have the option to add additional Help Docs sites to your subscription.

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Click Continue to proceed to payment.

On the payment details page, you can add your card information, contact details, and billing address. On the right-hand side, you will see a summary of your order as well as options for adding a tax number (if applicable) and selecting a reference for the invoices.

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At the bottom of the page, you can enter in your billing information.

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Click Continue to review and confirm your order. You will be brought to an order confirmation page that displays a summary breakdown of your order on the left.

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To the right of the order summary, you can:

  • Agree with the terms of service and privacy policy (required).
  • Allow non-administrator users to add new paid users to this subscription (optional).
    • If you decide in future to enable/disable this setting, you will need to navigate through the checkout process again, only changing that individual setting.
      • As long as no other changes are made to your subscription settings (plan, billing cycle, user count) no charges will be made when you update the setting.
  • Enter a discount code (if applicable).

Help Docs pricing

With your Teamwork Desk subscription, you will get one free Help Docs site with unlimited articles. Every additional site you add is charged $20 per month per site.

For $20 a month per additional site, you get unlimited articles on those additional sites. Some examples here to show what to expect:

  • No Help Docs sites - no charge.
  • 1 Help Docs site with any number of articles - no charge.
  • 3 Help Docs sites with any number of articles - $40 per month (1 free site + 2 paid sites x $20)

Billing period

You will be charged from the point of when you subscribe to a plan. 

For annual payments, you will get billed for the year ahead from the date of payment. Adding Help Docs sites or agents during the year will result in one-off charges pro-rata from the date of the change until the end of the current billing year.

Note: Stripe is Teamwork's payment processing partner, therefore in some instances, "Stripe" may appear on your credit card statement. This is a legitimate charge from Teamwork.

Viewing your invoices

You will be emailed your invoice each billing period. You can also access your history of invoices from the Subscription section in your Teamwork Desk settings.

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When you click View Invoices at the bottom of the subscription summary, a modal will open listing your previous invoices. By clicking View Invoice to the right of each entry, a PDF version of the invoice will open in a new tab where you can also download it.

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When an invoice is generated for a change to your subscription, an email with the invoice will be sent to the contact email address associated with your account.


Contact billing@teamwork.com with any support queries about billing or any invoice you received.