Note: This version of Teamwork Desk is no longer supported. 
Check out our help docs for the new version of Teamwork Desk here.

Within Teamwork Desk, you can customize the message that is included when sending happiness emails to customers.

Click your profile icon in the top right of your site and select Settings from the dropdown menu.

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In the Settings area, go to the Inboxes section and select the inbox you want to update the happiness message for.

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Scroll to the bottom of the inbox settings view, and you will see a section for happiness ratings.

When Happiness Rating is enabled for an inbox, a happiness survey is sent to the customer when each ticket is first solved. The rating is only sent once per ticket.

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Below the rating toggle, you can use the Happiness Message section to customize the message you want to include to your customers. You can also use the editor options to format your message.

For more information, see: Enabling Happiness Emails