Within Teamwork Chat, you can set up one-to-one or group video calls to keep you and your team connected. 

Video calls feature availability

One to one calls are available on all subscription plans:

  • The Teamwork Chat Pro plan includes unlimited one to one calls.
  • Teamwork Pro/Premium/Deliver/Grow plans include 10 one to one calls per user per month.
  • Teamwork subscriptions with the Teamwork Chat video add-on include unlimited one to one calls.

Group calls:

  • The Teamwork Chat Pro plan includes unlimited group calls.
  • Teamwork subscriptions with the Teamwork Chat video add-on include unlimited group calls.

Screen sharing is available to Teamwork subscriptions with the Teamwork Chat video add-on.

Creating a video call

To initiate a video call in a conversation or channel, select the video icon in the upper right corner. This will open a new browser tab with a call setup screen.

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As the call creator, you will have the option to name the call before clicking Start to proceed. By default, the call will be labeled as "Video Call."

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A video call card will be sent in the associated conversation or channel with an option for any current channel members to join.

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This card provides call details in real time while the call is active , including the creator, call name, duration, and current participants.

When initiating a video call, a preview card will also be show within your recent conversations. 

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You can share a link to your video call at anytime by using the copy to clipboard link in the bottom left-hand corner of the call screen and sharing with other users. 

Note: A link to a video call can be shared with users in any channel, giving those users the option to join.

Joining a video call

When a video call card appears in a conversation or channel, click the Join button to enter the video call.

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This will open in a new browser window where you can adjust your microphone and camera preferences before joining.

If you have Automatically set status when on a call enabled within your profile preferences, your status will update to "On a call" once you have joined a call. 

Following a call, your status will automatically revert back to its previous setting before the call was initiated. 

Video call options

In the video call window, there will be several options in the footer toolbar at the bottom of the screen. 

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The main footer options allow you to control:

  • Microphone - mute or unmute your sound input.
  • Video - enable or disable your camera.
  • Screen - share or unshare your screen:
    • Option vary from browser to browser but can include screen selection (when using multiple screens), application window, or browser tab.
    • Note: Only one participant can share their screen at any one time on a video call.
  • Hang up - end/leave video call.

To the right of the footer, you can access the settings for your device, such as microphone and camera, via the settings cog button, or use the ! icon to send feedback to Teamwork.

There are also two display options you can toggle between for how participants display on your screen.

  • Grid view - will show up to 8 of the call's participants on the screen at a time, with an option to move between pages to see additional members.
    • The current user will always be displayed first on the grid.
    • The remaining users will be ordered by who has spoken most recently. If a user not currently displayed on the first page speaks, they will be moved to the first screen in place of whoever spoke least recently.
  • Active speaker view - the active speaker will fill the majority of the screen, with other participants visible in smaller thumbnails in a sidebar.
    • A maximum of 5 participants will show in the sidebar, ordered by the last time they spoke.
Note: Grid view is not supported on mobile screens, therefore active speaker view will always be the default display.

To the left of the footer, you will see how long the call has been running for as well as a link icon to copy a link to the call.

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In the top right of the video call window, you can access:

  • In-app chat - view messages sent during the call or send new ones.
    • Note: Video call in-app chat is independent of Teamwork Chat itself.
  • Participants - see which users are joined the video call.

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For more information, see: Sharing Your Screen on Video Calls