Within Teamwork Chat, you can update your profile information, notifications, preferences, and other account details.

Click your profile avatar and select the relevant subsection from the Settings section of the dropdown menu.

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The settings available to you will depend on your user permissions. Site administrators from your Teamwork account will have more settings options.


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Within the profile view, you can edit your:

  • First and last name
  • Title
  • Handle - the @mention other users would use to message you
  • Mobile
  • Social Media
    • Twitter
    • LinkedIn
    • Facebook

These details will then be visible to other users when viewing your profile.

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Note: Profile settings are linked to your profile in Teamwork, so any changes made in one app will automatically sync across to the other.


In the Notifications tab, you can choose which messages you want to be notified of, enable notification sounds, and enable email notifications.

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Global notifications:

  • All messages - any message that is posted to a conversation or channel
  • All Mentions @'handle' / @all / @online - when an @command is used, a notification will be sent
  • Only @'handle' - when another user @mentions you in a conversation or channel.
  • No messages - no notification will be sent.
  • Set notifications for specific channels - set your notification preferences per channel.

Notification settings:

  • Notification sounds - disabling will mute the sound alert on all messages received from other users. Desktop notifications will still be sent however sound alerts will become muted.
  • Email notifications - receive email notifications for messages when you are away or offline.
  • Send email or push notifications when online - receive notifications even when online.
    • You will not receive notifications for the conversation you are currently in.

Notification sound:

  • Choose a custom notification sound for alerts received from Teamwork Chat.

By replying to an email notification from Teamwork Chat, your reply is posted to that conversation/channel.

Note:  Any changes made to notification settings will only affect the current version of the app you are using, and will not transfer across to other versions (desktop or browser).


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Desktop app preferences:

  • Launch at startup - open the desktop app when your computer starts up
  • Keep me logged in - stay logged in when you quit the app. This will log you in automatically when the app is started.

Message Preview:

  • Show Teamwork cards - preview project details in a card view when a Teamwork project item URL (such as a task or milestone) is shared in a channel.
  • Show attached images preview
  • Show attached files card
  • Show URL preview


  • Show movie quotes in the message field
  • Automatically set status when on a call


The localization settings allow you to select a time format preference and timezone.

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The timezone you set will be considered your local time and will be visible to other users when viewing your profile information.

It will also be included below your name at the top of direct conversations, making it easy for the other user to know what time it is for you.

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In the Integrations tab, you will have the ability to enable or disable Embedded Chat across the products you are using in the Teamwork product suite.

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Returning to the main Teamwork Chat view

To exit out of the settings window and return to your main Teamwork Chat view, select Home from the navigation bar.

Logging out

To log out of Teamwork Chat, click your profile icon in the top right and select Log out at the bottom of the dropdown menu.

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For more information, see: Notification Settings