Within Teamwork Chat, you can use in-app chat to send messages to other video participants without leaving the call.

Using the messages panel, participants can send chat messages within the video call window. Click the message icon in the top right to open the panel.

Using the message field at the bottom, you can type and send a message.

The message field supports the use of markdown and emojis. You can also create a multi-line message by clicking SHIFT + ENTER on your keyboard to move to a new line.

Once sent, your message will be added to the message thread along with a timestamp for when it was posted.

If other participants do not currently have the in-app chat panel open, they will see a blue unread indicator on the message icon as well as a temporary preview of the message.


  • The in-app chat history will only be visible as long as you remain on the call uninterrupted. If you refresh the page or end the call, for example, previous messages will no longer be visible to you.
  • Video calls in-app chat is not related to messages in Teamwork Chat itself.

For more information, see: Using Video Calls