Within Teamwork Chat, you can adjust your preferred device settings when using video calls.

While on a video call, click the settings cog in the bottom right of the footer area.

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This will open a settings modal where you can update your preferences.

Options include:

  • Camera - choose from your computer's internal camera or any additional connected cameras.
  • Microphone - select the computer's internal microphone or alternative device.
  • Speaker
    • Note: This is only supported in Chrome and Edge browsers.
  • Video quality - this affects your upload and download bandwidth.
    • By selecting a lower setting, it will:
      • Upload a lower resolution video, affecting how people see you.
      • Download a lower resolution video, affecting how you see other people.
  • Allow us to collect video calls diagnostics - choose whether or not to allow the upload of call metrics to Teamwork for diagnostics purposes.

Selecting system default for the device settings will use the microphone, camera, or speaker the system is using by default. 

Any changes you make in the settings modal will not be applied until you click Save. These settings will be persisted to local storage and reused if possible.

For more information, see: Using Video Calls