Within Teamwork Chat, there are several ways to integrate with your Teamwork.com site.

Creating project channels

Use project channels to link an individual Chat channel to a specific project in Teamwork.com.

Any member of the project who is already an active user of your Teamwork Chat site will automatically be added to the project channel.

Note: Only project administrators and site administrators can set up project channels.

Using Embedded Chat

You can enable Embedded Chat in your profile settings to allow you to use Teamwork Chat directly in Teamwork.com.

Chat will be added as a menu option in your Teamwork.com site which opens a pop-up Chat window in Teamwork.com.

Creating a task in Teamwork.com via a Chat message 

You can create new tasks in Teamwork.com directly from individual messages in conversations or channels.

For each task you must select a destination project and task list and set a task name.

Optional task details can also be set, including:

  • Assignee(s)
  • Description
    • A link to the Chat message the task is created from is automatically added to the task description, along with the user, message contents, and a link to the message itself.
  • Estimated time
  • Start and due dates
  • Priority

Sharing project items in conversations and channels

Each user can manage their profile preferences in Teamwork Chat so that Teamwork.com cards are displayed when tasks and other project items are posted in a conversation or channel.

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When this option is turned on, each supported project item URL posted in a channel or conversation displays a corresponding card with the item name and project. Completed item names appear with a strikethrough.

If the shared item is one you do not have permission to access in Teamwork.com, the item details are hidden.

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For more information, see: Creating a Task from a Message