Within Teamwork Chat, you can manage users on your site in a number of ways.

On your site, you can: 

  • Invite users to Teamwork Chat
  • Resend invitations to users
  • Manage user role permissions
  • Delete users

Note: Only administrators can access the settings and manage users.

Inviting new users

Click your profile icon in the top right of your site and select Users from the Admin section of the dropdown.

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You will see all pending invitations, as well as a list of existing users in your organization.

Click the Invite users button in the top right of the Users section.

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In the invite modal, you can add one or multiple users. Using the dropdown menu to the right of each row, you can select a role to assign to each user.

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Once invited, these new users will be automatically added to your owner/internal company, and will have the ability to create new conversations and chat to other users within their company.

In the invite modal, you can also use the select Teamwork users option in the bottom left to select existing users from your associated Teamwork site to be added as users in Teamwork Chat.

An additional modal will open where you can search and select users. Click Import to add the users to Teamwork Chat.

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Resending invites

There may be a situation where users have missed or have never received their invite, for example due to spam filters marking as spam.

You can see any pending invitations at the top of the Users list in your admin settings. Click the Resend invite option below the relevant user's name.
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You will be prompted to confirm before resending the invitation.

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Managing user role permissions

You can set different role permissions when inviting new users or managing existing users.

  • Guest - restricted user type that cannot create or initiate conversations themselves. They are also limited in some of the features they can use.
  • Standard - main user type that allows creation of conversations and channels and interaction with other users.
  • Admin - has full access to settings within Teamwork Chat and can perform all common actions as well as admin-only options such as managing users, incoming hooks, and subscription.

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Click the options button (three dots) to the right of an existing user. The upgrade and downgrade options available will depend on their current role.

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Deleting users

To remove a user from Teamwork Chat, click the options button (three dots) to the right of the user and select Delete.

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Note: When a user is deleted from Teamwork Chat, they will no longer be listed under the People tab, but previous messages sent by the user will remain visible in channels.

For more information, see: Understanding User Permissions and Access