Within Teamwork Chat, you can manage users on your site in a number of ways.

On your site, you can: 

  • Invite users to Teamwork Chat
  • Re-send invites to users
  • Enable administrator privileges to users
  • Delete users

Note: Only administrators can access the settings and manage users.

Inviting new users

Click your profile icon in the top right of your site and select Users from the Admin section of the dropdown.

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You will see all pending invitations, as well as a list of existing users in your organization.

In the top right of the Users section, click Invite users

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Here you can enter the user's full name and email address. Click Invite to send the invitation.

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As well as users from your Teamwork site, you can also invite new people to Chat. Once invited, these new users will be automatically added to your owner/internal company, and will have the ability to create new conversations and chat to other users within their company.

You can also interact with collaborators from your site in Chat. Once they have accepted their Teamwork invitation, they will then be able to access Chat. Like with standard users, their permissions in Chat are dependent on whether they are internal or external company users.

Users from external companies cannot initiate new Chat conversations, but can interact within channels they are added to by another user.

Resending invites

There may be a situation where users have missed or have never received their invite, for example due to spam filters marking as spam.

In this case, you can re-send invitees by simply navigating to Pending Invitations. This is a list of users who have been sent an invite but haven't accepted. 

You can resend the invite by clicking Resend Invite next to the users name, you'll be prompted to confirm you wish to resend.
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Enabling administrator permissions

You can enable administrator privileges for individual users from the options menu (three dots) to the right of the user's details. 

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Administrators in Teamwork Chat have full permissions in conversations/channels which they have created or been added to. For example, admins can delete any messages posted by any user within a conversation/channel however are unable to edit messages.

Along with this, administrators can invite, delete and re-send invites to users.

It is also possible to remove administrator permissions from the same menu. Select Revoke admin rights.

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Deleting users

To remove a user from Chat, select the options button (three dots) to the right of their details.

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Note: When deleting a user from Teamwork Chat, all previous messages which that user sent will be present in conversations/channels however you will find the user is no longer listed under the People tab.