Within Teamwork Chat, you can track and prioritize important messages in a variety of ways.

New message indicators

When you receive a new message, your Recent sidebar will highlight the channel and message in bold. A blue dot icon is displayed to the right to inform you of an unread message. 

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Depending on your notification settings, if you are directly mentioned in a chat or @online / @all is used, the blue dot icon will update to reflect the number of times you have been mentioned/notified within that conversation.

The Recent message count will also update to reflect the amount of @mentions across all of your conversations.

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If a new message has been sent to one of your starred channels, a blue ring will surround the channel icon. 

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Viewing unread messages

When viewing a conversation or channel, a New messages bar will display to show you any messages received since you last visited the conversation. This bar will show if all new messages are within the same page view.

If viewing a conversation with a lot of unread messages (more than the current page view), you will see an unread messages banner providing a count of unread messages. 

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You will also have the option to jump to the start of these unread messages by clicking the banner. This will take you to the last message you read within the conversation. 


In the Highlights area of your site, you can view a single list of all messages you have been mentioned in. This includes @all and @online mentions.

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In the Starred subsection, you can view a list of all messages you have starred across your conversations and channels.

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For more information, see: Starring Conversations and Channels