Within Teamwork Chat, you can customize your notifications so that you only receive notifications for certain mentions, either at site or channel level.

Click the settings cog at the bottom of the left sidebar in your Chat window.

In the settings area, select the preferences tab.

Here, you will find your global notification settings, which are the settings applied by default on all conversations and rooms that you have been added to.

Global notification options

  • All messages:  any message that is posted to a conversation or channel
  • All Mentions @'handle' / @all / @online: when an @command is used, a notification will be sent
  • Only @'handle': when another user @mentions you in a conversation or room
  • No messages: no notification will be sent
Additional options

  • Notification sounds
  • Email notifications
As well as setting your notification preferences at profile level, you can also customize your notifications per conversation/channel.

In the conversation/channel sidebar on the right hand side, select the Settings cog, where you will have an option to customize your notification settings for that channel:

Once toggled on, you will be able to choose your notification preference for that conversation/channel.

For more information, see: Notifications - desktop, email and push