Within Teamwork Chat, you can create a Teamwork task directly from a message.

Hover over the message you wish to create a task from to see the additional options. Click the three dots button and select the Create task option.

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In the create task modal, you can choose a project and task list for the task. You can also assign the task to users on the project, add a description, set estimated time, and select a priority.

A link to the message the task is created from is automatically added to the task description, along with the user and the message content, and reference to the channel where the message was posted.

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When you click create task you will then receive a notification to confirm this, with the option to view the task within the project or copy the link directly to the task.

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When viewing a task in Teamwork that was created from a conversation, you will see the message. 

  • This task was created from the following message in Teamwork Chat. 

For more information, see: Creating a Project Channel