Within Teamwork Chat, you can choose from a range of user types when adding people to your site.

Guest user
Guest users are designed for bringing additional people into your site in a limited capacity. While they can interact with other users in conversations and channels, they cannot initiate or create conversations themselves.

  • They cannot send messages to other users until the other person messages them first.
  • In the Channels tab, guest users will only see channels they are already joined.
  • The People tab will only show people who have already spoken to the guest user.

Guest users do not have permission to:

  • Create or manage conversations and channels or their members.
  • Edit or delete other people's messages.
  • Create tasks from messages.
  • View other users' profiles.
  • Access admin settings - manage users, incoming hooks, subscription.

Standard user
Standard users are the primary user type in Teamwork Chat for those who need access to the central areas and features of the app.

They can create and manage conversations and channels, as well as use the wide range of features.

Standard users do not have permission to:

  • Add or remove users from conversations or channels they are a member of but do not own.
  • Edit or delete channels they do not own.
  • Edit or delete other people's messages.

Administrator user
Administrators can perform all common actions in Teamwork Chat as well as having full access to settings.

They can use admin-only options such as managing users, incoming hooks, and subscription.

For more information, see: Understanding User Permissions & Access