Within Teamwork Chat, you can customize the settings of channels you are an administrator for.

To access channel settings, select the setting cog within the channel itself.

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It is also possible to edit a channels notification settings from the conversation side bar. Select the information icon, and choose Change under the Notification settings. 

Notification settings

The notifications settings within a channel will allow you to set up the type of notifications you would like to receive for this particular channel.

The options available are:

  • All messages
  • @mentions, @all and @online mentions
  • Only @mention
  • No messages
Once selected, a blue indicator in the top right of the modal will inform you that the channel has custom notifications. To reset the channel to your global notification settings click Reset to global.

Edit Channel

The edit channel modal will allow you to update:

  • Channel type
    • Public, private or linked to a Teamwork Project
  • Name
  • Description
  • Channel avatar
  • Automatically add new users


Further options include:

  • Leave channel - to regain access to a channel you have left, you will need to either rejoin if a public channel or be re-added to a private channel.
  • Delete channel - deleting a channel will delete the channel and messages for all members.

For more information, see: Settings Within Teamwork Chat