Within Teamwork Spaces, you can set privacy on individual pages in a space. 

Note: Page privacy is available on the Pro subscription plan and above. 

Select the relevant page from the pages list in the space's left-hand menu.

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Note: Only users with manage or edit permission in a space can set page privacy. 

While viewing the page, click the padlock icon in the top right corner to open the Privacy settings. You can then choose your privacy preference from the dropdown list.

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The privacy options available for pages are:

  • Space members - all members of the space.
  • Editors - only members with the edit permission.
  • Specific members - allows you to choose individual members.
  • Only me - the page will be private to you.

The privacy settings are also accessible while you are editing a page, from the bottom right corner. A private page will be indicated by a locked padlock icon. 

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Once privacy has been applied to a page, a Private subsection will be created at the bottom of the pages list in the space's left-hand menu. You can collapse and expand the Pages and Private subsections by clicking the section heading.

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Any subpages added to a private page will automatically inherit the privacy of their parent page. 

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When privacy is removed from a page, the page will be moved out of the Private list and placed back under the Pages list. You can then reorder the page to change the position if you wish. 

Privacy implications

  • Only users included in page privacy will be able to receive notifications for the page, have the page set as required reading, and see page updates in the space activity feed. 
  • It is not possible to reorder private pages. 
  • Private pages will not show in search results. 

For more information, see: Understanding User Permissions & Access