Within Teamwork Projects, you can see a list of deleted users and contacts on your site and restore them if necessary.

Note: Deleted users and contacts are only kept in the trash can for 30 days.

Go to the People tab at the top of the screen.

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In the People section, go to the list of people. In the top right, click the Options (three dots) button, and select Deleted People from the dropdown menu.

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Note: Only site administrators in the owner company can access this area.

You will see a list of all users that have been deleted from the site within the last 30 days. If you hover over any of them you will see a note of who deleted them and when they were deleted.

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You can select the checkbox to the left of one or more people, and use the Restore Selected button at the bottom to restore them to the site.

Note: After you restore a user they won't automatically be added to the projects they belonged to when they were deleted. You will need to add them and set their permissions again.

For more information, see: Setting user permissions on a project