Within Teamwork.com, you can follow a series of steps to troubleshoot email notification issues.

📝 If a user has notifications muted via the notification bell, this will also prevent them from receiving push or email notifications.

All Teamwork.com emails are sent using Sendgrid.com SMTP servers (smtp.sendgrid.net).

Troubleshoot notification issues

If you or some of your users are not receiving email notifications, try the following:
  1. Check that a server-side spam filter is not blocking the email.
  2. Check your email client to see if the emails were flagged as junk or spam.

If you find that a spam filter is blocking mail from Teamwork.com, add Teamwork.com domains to your email account's safe senders list:
  • @teamwork.com
  • @eu.teamwork.com

One way of testing the deliverability of emails from Teamwork.com is to change your email address to a Gmail address, then send a notification to yourself. If the email notification arrives, change back to your original email address and contact your email provider to ensure a server-side spam filter is not blocking the emails.

Review in your Teamwork.com account

🔑 Site admins in the owner company can access and review email settings.

  1. Click on your profile icon in Teamwork.com's main navigation menu.
  2. Select Settings.
  3. Switch to the Email tab.

  4. Scroll to the Failed Log section.
  5. Click View Logs.

  6. Send an email to support@teamwork.com detailing any affected email addresses listed in the log that need to be unblocked.

Teamwork.com mail delivery

Teamwork.com has the following in place to help with email delivery:
  • Dedicated IP Address for mail being sent: (,,,,,
  • PTR Records mapping:,,,,, to o2.mail.teamwork.com, o3.mail.teamwork.com, o6.mail.teamwork.com and o7.mail.teamwork.com
  • All mail is DKIM signed for mail via DNS entries on teamwork.com.
  • SPF records for mail via DNS entries on teamwork.com.
  • All mail is sent with addresses from teamwork.com.
  • All reply-to addresses are from teamwork.com.
For more information, see: Project Notification Settings