Within Teamwork Projects, you can add files to your projects via SharePoint.

Note: The SharePoint integration must first be enabled at site and project level.

Linking files from SharePoint

In the Files area of your project, you will see a SharePoint option in the top right:

If multiple file integrations are enabled for the project, you will instead see a File Integrations option where you will find SharePoint.

In the SharePoint modal, you will see any files and folders within the root folder set for the project:

Select the file(s) you want to link in to your project, using the checkboxes to the left of the file names.

When you click Link-in Selected Files, you can set:

  • Basics - choose a file category
  • Privacy - who can see the files
  • Access - set SharePoint access rights
    • Everyone in this project can view the document(s)
    • Everyone in this project can edit the document(s)
    • Manage the access rights from within SharePoint

Once you link in the file(s) to your project, you will see SharePoint denoted below the file name:

To the right of the file you will see some options:

  • Edit online - opens the document in your SharePoint account for you to edit.
  • Preview - see a preview of the file (supported Office documents)
  • View on SharePoint - opens the file in SharePoint
  • Download
  • Options (chevron)
    • Edit file details
    • Upload a new version
    • Move or copy file
    • Delete - delete the link to the file

Options in the SharePoint files modal

Within the SharePoint modal for linking files, you can:

  • Search for files in SharePoint
  • Upload files directly to SharePoint
  • Create new folders in SharePoint
  • Duplicate the selected file(s)
  • Select all/none
  • Delete selected file(s)
    • Note: Using the delete option in the SharePoint modal will delete the original file from SharePoint.

Attaching SharePoint files to project items

You can also attach files from SharePoint to project items such as tasks, comments, and messages.

To upload a new SharePoint file, click the SharePoint button to open the choose files modal:

To attach a SharePoint file already linked in to the project, use the Select from Existing Files option.

Allowing external access to SharePoint files

Depending on the access permissions you have set up, some users on your project may not be able to access linked SharePoint files.

To allow non-SharePoint users (or users not currently logged into their Office 365 account) to be able to access these files within Teamwork Projects, you would need to enable external file sharing in SharePoint.

Alternatively, if you do not want to enable external links, you can select the I'll manage the access rights from within SharePoint option when linking in specific files to the project.

For more information, see: Enabling the SharePoint for a project