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SharePoint is a web-based document management and storage system that enables you to share files and resources.

Within Teamwork.com, you can integrate your site with SharePoint and connect different group drives to your projects.

Before you start

  • Teamwork.com owner company site admins can manage their Teamwork.com site's integrations.
  • A Global Microsoft 365 administrator is required to enable their company SharePoint account in Teamwork.com's site settings.
  • The Global Microsoft 365 administrator or a SharePoint administrator in the same Microsoft instance can connect their own SharePoint site folders in any Teamwork.com project of their choosing.
    📝 Please refer to Microsoft Graph API for reference.

Enable the SharePoint Integration

Enabling the Sharepoint integration at site-level will not result in any file syncing. File syncing is done at project-level.

  1. Click your profile icon in Teamwork.com's main navigation menu.
  2. Select Apps and integrations from the pop-out menu.

  3. Scroll to the Microsoft SharePoint section.
  4. Click Enable.

  5. Log in to your Microsoft SharePoint account.
  6. Grant permission access for the integration.

Once enabled at site level, project admins and site admins can set up the integration on individual projects and choose which SharePoint site and library the project should link to, as well as permission levels.

Working with external links

To allow non-SharePoint users (or users not currently logged into their Office 365 account) to be able to access your SharePoint files within Teamwork.com, you need to enable external file sharing in SharePoint.

If you do not want to enable external links, you can select the I'll manage the access rights from within SharePoint option when linking in specific SharePoint files to a project.

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1. Also available on legacy subscriptions: Premium, Enterprise.