Within Teamwork Projects, you can enable the SharePoint integration on individual projects once it has been enabled at site level.

You can choose a different SharePoint group drive to connect to each project.

To set up SharePoint, go to the project's Settings tab.

Within the settings area, select the Integrations tab where you will see an option for Microsoft SharePoint.

Once you toggle SharePoint on, you will need to connect to your Microsoft account to complete the setup.

Office 365 Tenant

Click Connect to log in to your Microsoft account and choose the SharePoint drive / document library to use with the project.

The integration will not allow you to choose anything you do not have access to in your Microsoft Office site.

Note: Only one group drive / document library can be connected to a project at a time.

Project folder

Choose a folder within the selected drive to be the top-level folder for the project.

Anything below the folder you select will be accessible to anyone with permission to use the integration.

Note: To change to a different folder, you will need to disconnect the integration and follow the setup again.

Who can browse

Set access permissions for the integration

  • All administrators
    • All site admins & project admins on the current project
  • All administrators & the project
    • All site admins, project admins, and members of the owner company
  • All people on this project

Once the setup is complete, any user with permission to use the integration will see a SharePoint option in the top right of the project's Files area.

You will also have the SharePoint option when attaching files to project items such as tasks, comments, and messages:.

Managing the integration

Switching to a different group drive, or disconnecting the integration from the project level, will cause any existing files linked from SharePoint to become inaccessible. They will still be visible in the project, but you will not be able to open them.

If you disable the SharePoint integration at site settings level, the SharePoint button will no longer be visible, but any existing files linked from SharePoint  will remain accessible, unless the administrator revokes access on the Microsoft side.

When you reconnect the integration to the same drive and folder, the existing files will work again without having to re-link them.