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SharePoint is a web-based document management and storage system that enables you to share files and resources.

Within Teamwork.com, you can enable the SharePoint integration on individual projects to interact with your SharePoint files.

Before you start

  • Before connecting a project to SharePoint, an owner company site administrator needs to enable SharePoint in Teamwork.com's site settings.
  • Only one SharePoint site can be connected to a project at a time.
  • A Global Microsoft 365 administrator is required to enable their company SharePoint account in Teamwork.com's site settings.
  • The Global Microsoft 365 administrator or a SharePoint administrator in the same Microsoft instance can connect their own SharePoint site folders in any Teamwork.com project of their choosing.
    📝 Please refer to Microsoft Graph API for reference.

Connect a project to SharePoint

Site admins and project admins can manage a project's integrations from the project's settings.

Step 1: Connect a project to SharePoint

You can choose a different SharePoint group drive to connect to each project.

  1. Click Jump to in Teamwork.com's main navigation menu.
  2. Search for and select a project.
  3. Switch to the project's Settings tab. Settings might be hidden under the More... option.
  4. Select the Integrations tab.

  5. Scroll to Microsoft SharePoint.
  6. Toggle on the switch on the integration panel's right.


Step 2: Select a Microsoft Office 365 Tenant

  1. Click Connect beside the Office 365 Tenant option.
  2. Log in to your Microsoft account.
  3. Select the SharePoint site you want the project to have access to.
    📝 You can only choose items you already have access to in your Microsoft site.
  4. Click Next.

  5. Select a specific library within the chosen SharePoint site to associate with the project.
  6. Click Next.


Step 3: Choose a project folder

  1. Choose a SharePoint folder within the selected library to be the top-level folder associated with the project.
    1. Anything nested below the folder you select will be accessible to anyone with permission to use the integration.
  2. Click Select this Folder.
📝 To change the folder synced to a project, click Change. You will need to disconnect the integration and follow the setup again.

Step 4: Choose who can browse

  1. Set access permissions for the integration, aka who can access synced SharePoint files. Choose from:
    1. All administrators — all site admins & project admins on the current project
    2. All administrators & the project — all site admins, project admins, and members of the owner company
    3. All people on this project
  2. Click Save to complete the setup
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Once the setup is complete, any user with permission to use the integration will see a SharePoint option in the project's Files area.

You can also use the SharePoint option when attaching files to project items such as tasks, comments, and messages.

Manage the integration

Project level changes

When you switch to a different tenant (SharePoint site) or disconnect the integration from a project:
  • Existing files linked from SharePoint will still be visible in the project, but cannot be opened.

Site level changes

If you disable the SharePoint integration in Teamwork.com's site settings:
  • The SharePoint button is hidden in file-related areas of your site.
  • Existing files linked from SharePoint remain accessible unless the administrator revokes access on the Microsoft side.


When you reconnect the integration to the same drive and folder you previously used, the existing files become accessible again without having to re-link them.

1. Also available on legacy subscriptions: Premium, Enterprise.